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TBM – 1960s
TBM – Today
Tunnel Liner Plate – 1950s
Tunnel Liner Plate – Today
Angled Direction Drilling – 1960s
Angled Direction Drilling – Today
Dry Bore Machine – 1960s
Dry Bore Machine – Today
Ribs & Lagging Tunnel – 1960s
Ribs & Lagging Tunnel – Today

History of BorTunCo

Boring and Tunneling Company of America, LLC began operating under the trade name BorTunCo in November, 2011. Formerly known as Magnum Tunneling, LLC, the company purchased assets and the trade name BorTunCo from Boring and Tunneling Company of America, Inc., combining the operating strengths of two of the premier boring and tunneling companies in Texas.

With a history dating to 1948, BorTunCo is the preferred partner of many contractors, clients and design professionals in Texas. Specializing in a variety of trenchless construction techniques, BorTunCo is capable of performing projects of all sizes and complexity. BorTunCo projects include many of Houston’s underground pedestrian tunnels, as well as other complex projects within downtown Houston and Medical Center complex. BorTunCo is the industry leader in providing trenchless construction under roadways, railroads, waterways and buildings.

Throughout its history, BorTunCo entities have completed projects in 48 of the 50 states, as well as Mexico, Columbia and Saudi Arabia. BorTunCo has been a success with its customers through its focus on partnering, and provides both creative energy and the highest levels of experience to each new project.

The BorTunCo management team provides over 100 years of experience and expertise within the civil construction industry. The team proactively serves industry organizations through its participation on boards and committees, including leadership roles within the Houston Contractors Association, the Associated General Contractors of America, and the Underground Construction Technology Association.

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