At BorTunCo, Safety is our culture. From senior management to the least experienced worker, Safety is the number 1 priority for every employee.

In underground construction and particularly with trenchless technologies, exposure to hazardous conditions are an inherent part of our daily activities. We begin each day with an assessment of these conditions on each of our projects. Work is carefully planned to provide controls and procedures to mitigate these risks. While production goals are necessary for our success, each of our projects are planned first and foremost to manage risk, including risk of injury to workers and risk of damage to property. Every employee, foreman or manager is encouraged to work safely, and to voice any concerns regarding safety directly to senior management.

At BorTunCo, we have an established goal of ZERO incidents, most recently accomplished during the 2015 calendar year. While we celebrate this accomplishment, we recognize that the hazards inherent in our work are ever changing, and we must continue to improve our safety practices to maintain this success. Safety is our goal. Safety is our culture. Safety is our way of life. Safety is no accident!

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